Elli Ioannou + Dru Blumensheid (2014)

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Official selection film category , WHITE NIGHT festival, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA ( 2014)

I’MPERFECT BEAUTY proposes a juxtaposition between art and fashion. Aesthetically it is a visual homage to analogue photography, post modernism and the muse. The title itself alludes to the impossibilities of artistic perfection and idealised beauty.

Elli Ioannou presents a tableaux of an imagined ‘behind- the-scenes’ perspective of a performer’s artistic process. Through the use of montage, dramatic lighting and an abstract soundscape, viewers are drawn into an immersive artistic process where desire and elusive perfection reside. The soundscape, created by Iain Chambers, evokes a sense of intrigue and urgency signaling the artist’s possible object of desire is imminent.

Elli IOANNOU’s Desert Rose presents a selection of video dioramas as if short stories, or poems , which include themes of idealized beauty, time-place & the sublime.

Elli continues to explore the moving image as a design object by favoring editing techniques whioh reference her signature photographic style. Including montage, un-sharp, mostly B&W images and repetition combined with a manipulation of time -is part of the artists’ intention to immerse the viewer into a multi-sensory experience.