Dru Blumensheid

IMMUNITY anti-war film

After living abroad for 8 years, returning to her homeland was shocking and frightening. As a result, I created the film IMMUNITY to speak about the reality of American society and the victims of silent psychological warfare and abusive corruption.

Shot in 4 countries, IMMUNITY is an anti-war film specifically for Americans, narrated by an American conscious from distance of its origin. During the week of the general election, IMMUNITY will be available to watch in full online.



New Collection 2019 Online

Women’s and Men’s Ready To Wear

BUMESI’s annual collection for 2019 has design with a hidden meaning. Perplexico 2019 has one of a kind custom designs for all seasons, all sexes and all shapes and sizes. VISIT bumesi.com and tempeste.co for online sales and enquiries. To view the look books a glitch-crazed experimental videos CLICK HERE!