Real People. Real Lives.

Women Immigrants of New York

Real People. Real Lives. Women Immigrants of New York is a unique nonprofit-artist partnership between New Women New Yorkers and Dru Blumensheid aka BUMESI.
The exhibit features art and fashion photographs of 16 young immigrant women in iconic NYC spots and neighborhoods, together with audio recordings of their stories and video montages. It shows a nuanced and multi-layered picture of the immigrant women who make NYC their home, of the barriers and isolation they experience, and of the hopes, dreams, and talents they bring with them.
The exhibit seeks to reduce misconceptions and prejudice about the faces and voices of immigrant women, and aspires to raise public awareness and create positive dialogue about immigrants, and about
It is also important, in the current political climate and times in the United States, to give a platform for immigrant women to share their perspective, as immigrants, and as women, about their future in the
United States, and the future of the country itself.



New Women New Yorkers, founded in 2014, is the only nonprofit organization in New York City dedicated to empowering young immigrant women.

We believe in the vast potential that every young immigrant woman coming to New York has to contribute to our city, regardless of her national origin, cultural background, or educational level. We offer young immigrant women with a safe space and transformative learning environment, where they can gain self-confidence, job readiness and leadership skills, and build a unique community and network of support.

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About Arielle Kandel

Arielle’s paternal grandparents were Jewish immigrants from Poland and Germany; they arrived in New York in 1937, after a long boat trip across the Atlantic. Her father later immigrated to France, where he met her mother, and Arielle was born and raised in Paris.

Arielle Kandel holds a Master’s Degree in Law (“Maîtrise”) with a specialization in Humanitarian Action and International Law from the University of Aix-Marseille III (France).

Arielle’s long-time involvement in the nonprofit sector began during her law studies, when she interned as a legal assistant at an association of help for victims of crime. After completing her Bachelor’s Degree, she volunteered for several months at a local non-profit in northern India, teaching English and basic computer skills to a group of young Tibetan refugees. In Israel, she worked as a legal assistant at the African Refugee Development Center (ARDC), a nonprofit organization providing support and advocacy to African asylum seekers and other migrants. She also served for nearly four years as a Fellow at a Jerusalem-based think tank, conducting research and analysis and developing key assessments and action strategies for decision makers on foreign policy and issues related to diaspora and transnationalism.