Dru Blumensheid b. Dayton, Ohio, 1984

Dru Blumensheid (aka BUMESI) is an Australian-American artist & filmmaker currently based in San Francisco.

Blumensheid graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts at the Savannah College of Art & Design in 2007. From 2007- 2014 she resided in Melbourne, Australia, founding an art & model collective called the BUMESI Collective.

She creates within mediums of film, photography, fashion design and performance. Her videos and short films are created with the BUMESI Collective, which focuses around a sense of place within global locations, socio-political reflections and futurism. 

Since 2009, Dru Blumensheid aka BUMESI, has been experimenting with video and photographic media, combining the subliminal and the sublime to film. Her style is fast and dark, punk and luxurious, surreal and raw, bringing an abstract creative commentary to the social political regimen of the millennial age.

Growing up in Dayton, Ohio, she had an unusual upbringing in a midwestern environment, having both creative and governmentally disciplined parents, with a Japanese nanny and performing in theater and dance at a very young age.

Her creative process fuses an east meets west philosophy, with elements of zen and portrayals of systematic chaos, reflecting her perspectives of the contradictions of the digital world.

BUMESI brings a channel of her fashion videography from Melbourne, Australia, where she obtained dual citizenship in 2012, her performance and video art from her collaborative collective, The BUMESI Collective and short films shot in several countries from 2010-2018.