Do Humans Dream of Electric Sheep? I/III (2017)


You Are Sleeping?

Do Humans Dream of Electric Sheep was a 2-year project constructed of 31 plaster casted faces by Dru Blumensheid. The sculpture exists as an abstract metaphor, representing the current state of the human condition. The faces present themselves sleeping, as if they are dreaming in between the world of reality and the world within their own imagination. Their expressions convey a state of sub consciousness, with an unknown relation between the viewer and the object. 

The title is a twist based off the futuristic novel, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K Dick, as the humans could be thinking more like a machine than of human matter. The shape of the structure represents cosmic space in which the humans remain together, possibly united, but individually spaced away from each other, absorbing their own worlds. Memory is what holds them together through the subconscious mind or through the consciousness of the viewer.