We come from that shame. Not as a victim of immediate disaster, but from a thousand times slain. As a bi product. We come from the same place. In blood. To know my fears. To overcome the corruption, Where we really come from? From the action.  In water. I do also come from the same place. As a bi product of war. We need it to know how to live in the light. And ash. We of the warier.

IMMUNITY (2015) Directed by Dru Blumensheid

The film's intention is to enhance and awaken unused parts of the human mind by use if visual imagery and subliminal language. Immunity means protection, strength, resistance, prevention, liberty from disease, war, the ordinary, destruction, death, prison, psychological warfare. Humanity has become susceptible to the outlaws of higher power, the 1%, that are destroying our world. Immunity projects a style of communication that prevents our minds to be trained to live against our free will.