Dru Blumensheid

In the Year of the Femme : The Time IS NOW

To start of 2018, here is a selected group of videos by Dru Blumensheid that speak about emotional, physical and mental states of women in our current time. They are all experimental in their own ways, brining a feast of lush conversations and commentary on what is on the mind of a women of vibrant action.

Vita Goldstein's Dogs (2013)

Like a cat tied to a pole with a rope in a desert. This video is a slight understatement on the emotional state of current feminist art in such places as Oceania. An experimental femme video, Vida Goldstein's Dogs is a play on how one of the first Australian feminist would percieve a fragments current world of women's culture.

Hospital (2013)

The following video was shot in an EEG screening room at a hospital in Melbourne, Australia. The film depicts the art of memory and the fears of both keeping it or letting it go.  



White Riot (2013)

Simply a video art piece intended for wallpaper, White Riot is a commentary on the struggle of activists and their success.


Jrunk Jones : JADE ELLIOTT

The following video is a project I work on with Jade Elliott aka Jrunk Jones. She's wild, eclectic, raw and one of the most talented writers in emerging female rap culture. 

Listen to her Soundcloud here: https://soundcloud.com/jrunkjones